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We are a dynamic team of professionals from both Romania and Norway who are ready to assure the quality of the offered consultancy.

Our long term objective is to create a strong and lasting connection between Europe, Scandinavia and Romania in what concerns the human resources domain.

Furthermore, we intend to improve the human resources domain locally in order to offer high quality services to our clients in Romania.

We offer understanding, support and high importance to the needs of both our clients and candidates in order to recommend “the right individual for the right position”.

We are located in the Primaverii area in an office building, 5 minutes’ walk from the Aviatorilor underground station.

Contact us today and allow us find the appropriate solution which will ensure the qualitative increase of your company’s results.

You can rely on NoRo Consulting Services!


NoRo Consulting Recruitment

Primaverii: Pictor Ion Negulici 13C
Sector 1
Bucharest , Bucharest 011941

Fixed Phone : +40 (0)374005196
Mobile Phone: 0040752278303 / 0747015255
Fax: +40 (0)314254218

E-Mail: post@noroconsulting.com


Professional Associates:
Name: Alina Dima
Title: Managing Director
E-Mail: Alina.Dima@noroconsulting.com

Name: Andreea Nedelcu
Title: Senior Consultant
E-Mail: Andreea.Nedelcu@noroconsulting.com

Name: Valentin Titivel
Title: Consultant
E-Mail: Valentin.Titivel@NoRoConsulting.com

Name: Larisa Spataru
Title: Consultant
E-Mail: Larisa.Spataru@NoRoConsulting.com

Name: Andreea Marichescu
Title: Consultant
E-Mail: Andreea.Marichescu@NoRoConsulting.com

Name: Mihaela Radu
Title: Consultant
E-Mail: Mihaela.Radu@NoRoConsulting.com

Name: Ole Mikalsen
Title: Senior Consultant
E-Mail: Ole@noroconsulting.com



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