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Our Recruitment Services

Head Hunting:

We offer Head Hunting:

This is a service that make sure that you will get the best candidate. We search and filter and contact the candidates that is accoruding to the profile requested. We look at any companies that has similar activities and make sure that you will get the best candidates.

This service is recommended for middle to top managment and specialists. 

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We reduce stress. Your stress! We are much more than just a payroll service. All employees are hired directly by NoRo Consulting. As such, we are responsible for itemizing all employee payroll accounts. We calculate and deposit all salaries and taxes.We cover each employee with Workers' Comp. Insurance, handle all claims administration and risk management responsibilities. We handle all Unemployment & Disability vlaims as well. Obviously we fulfill the entire payroll function as well - Print and deliver payroll checks (the checks are drawn against our account); File all Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports. We delever the persons you need on short or mid term basis.

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Training and Coaching:


We customized workshops to upgrade the confidence of your employees, managers, and executives. While tailored to your goals these workshops will help participants!


Humorous and motivating keynote addresses can help your organization be more productive and inspire top performance from your people. Our confidence keynotes are especially energetic and inspiring and will be customized to your event.

Team Confidence

We work with sales teams and others to build confidence, accountability, and performance.

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